Arizona: ME-2103011 (AZ); Coldwater: AU-R-000519; Monroe TWP: AU-R-000635; Kalamazoo: AU-R-000311

WTF Launced in 2020

In early 2020, The Mint Dispensary introduced its signature concentrates to
the greater Arizona market under the World’s THC Factory brand. WTF prod-
ucts are currently available in 12 dispensaries in the Grand Canyon State, with
plans to continue expanding its retail presence

WTF Product Photo

CLAIM TO FAME: David Quarles is WTF’s extraction artist and rosin spe-
cialist, creating a variety of products for the connoisseur market. Although
the company utilizes the latest extraction technology, Mint Dispensary
president Evan Shahara says the company’s most significant assets are its
extraction artists.
“It takes incredible skill and knowledge to create the ideal concentrate that
will resonate with and appeal to the masses,” he says.
METHODOLOGY: WTF uses hydrocarbon extraction because of its ease and
versatility, but also produces a number of solventless concentrates – de-
spite the fact that it’s slower than traditional extraction.
“The process itself is very labor-intensive and requires skillful planning from
the time the plant is placed in the ground to when and how it is harvested,”
Shahara says. “To the untrained eye, the process seems effortless and sim-
ple, but as our extraction artist would say, the devil is in the details.”
Shahara says flower is harvested about one to two weeks earlier than usual in
the cycle, and from there, it is frozen to preserve all the terpene and cannabi-
noid profiles. After a few days in the freezer, “we are ready to ‘wash’ by placing
two to four pounds of the fresh, frozen material in cold water with ice, gently
washing the flower. The water, or rinse, is put through several special micron
filters, which allow us to extract different materials from the flower.” he says.
“This process ensures a true solventless cannabis concentrate.”
PHILOSOPHY: “Perfecting your method is the first step in a successful ex-
traction operation. The second step, and equally as important, are the ex-
traction artists you choose to have working in the lab.”