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Slowing Down Alzheimer’s Disease

Can cannabis help people who suffer from Alzheimer’s-related dementia?

It’s the top-of-mind question for several cannabis researchers, who are delving into recent laboratory findings that indicate that CBD and THC could possibly work together to hinder the buildup of abnormal proteins in the brain. 

Research is pointing to cannabis-based treatments having the ability to slow down and potentially stop Alzheimer’s disease, which affects 1 in 3 seniors. Work to date has found an association between THC and lower levels of physical manifestations in people with Alzheimer’s. 

Interestingly, cannabinoid chemicals made naturally by the body have been shown to help strengthen immune responses to illnesses and diseases like Alzheimer’s. Yet, as a person ages, this natural production declines, affecting the internal endocannabinoid system (ECS). This shock to the system leaves the body susceptible to illnesses. (Researchers have uncovered that severe illnesses, such as dementia, are linked to a high level of ECS dysfunction.)

THC acts like the body’s naturally-produced cannabinoids, and could potentially bridge the gap to supporting ECS. 

As promising new research continues on the possible role that THC could play in slowing down Alzheimer’s disease, patients and their families are hopeful that a potential treatment that will slow, if not halt, the progression of Alzheimer’s-related dementia. 

For more information about a large-scale medical research study currently underway on cannabis’ role in treating Alzheimer’s, visit Green Entrepreneur

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