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Mint Cannabis Michigan dispensaries want your old ‘doob tubes,’ which can’t be recycled

Two local artists plan to use them to create four-foot-tall sculptures

Mint Cannabis budtenders Jay Fair and Eddie Spicer drop off door tubes for recycling at a Portage dispensary.

Do you have empty “doob tubes,” those plastic containers used for transporting cannabis joints, laying around your home? A local dispensary chain wants them.

Through the end of the month, Mint Cannabis locations in Kalamazoo, Portage, Monroe, and Coldwater are collecting discarded doob tubes. The tubes will then be used by two local artists, Sabine Ledieu and Uni Vera, who plan to use them to create four-foot-tall sculptures.

According to the company, doob tubes are considered too small to be recycled by most recycling facilities.

“Being good neighbors in the communities we serve is a priority for all of us at the Mint,” Koreena Xiloyotl, project manager of Mint Cannabis in Michigan, said in a statement. “By protecting the environment and nurturing the local art community, we’re giving back in a meaningful way while encouraging important habits like reducing, reusing, and recycling.”

Mint Cannabis will reward donors age 21 and older for turning in the tubes. For every 20 doob tubes donated, they’ll receive $2 in loyalty points. They’ll also have the opportunity to weigh in on the final design concept and theme of the artwork.

The company plans to unveil the finished sculptures in June, which will be on display at the dispensaries and eventually auctioned to raise money for local art programs.

That’s in addition to other environmental projects the dispensary chain has planned, including a neighborhood trash clean-up event at Kalamazoo’s Washington Street Art Crawl.

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