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Green Wednesday

Sure, everyone has heard of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Super Saturday and one holiday sales day that is on the rise is Green Wednesday. You may find yourself asking, what and when is Green Wednesday?

Origins for the newest coined corporate holiday date back to the year 2016.

Thanksgiving is the busiest travel day of the year, with so many people going to visit family and friends. Green Wednesday sees a lot of customers from other states where cannabis might not be legal yet. That’s in addition to the locals who want to stock up for turkey day and get a head start on gift-buying for Hanukkah and Christmas. Most dispensaries are often closed for the national holiday (and sometimes through the weekend). Many cannabis users like to stock up in preparation for those times.

Business intelligence from Akerna, a leading enterprise software company and the developer of the most comprehensive technology infrastructure, ecosystem, and compliance engine powering the global cannabis industry shows that Green Wednesday (11/23) and Black Friday (11/25) were the second and third highest sales days for legal cannabis in the US this year. Green Wednesday bringing in $98.2 million in sales and Black Friday bringing in another $99 million. After recreational cannabis legalization was passed in more states the tally is sure to surpass 100 million dollars this year.