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6 Steps To Control Your THC Tolerance

With the Cannabis rage catching up across the world, the excitement to try out the plant is also unparalleled. As a new user, the excitement is more than enough to give a deep and intense high. But as you mature with your plant, your body starts to develop tolerance towards the cannabinoids. Eventually, your bong hits don’t give you the bang you enjoyed all this while. Having high tolerance to THC means you need more substance to get high. It is not only going to have a substantial effect on your pocket but will also take away the fun out of the feeling. And in the case of medical Cannabis, it will leave you wondering whether the dose is enough for your body to heal or not.

In general, regular marijuana users suggests mixing it with tobacco or different herbs to enhance its effect. And some suggest going on a tolerance break once every few months to set the bars back to normal in your body. But if you would like to stay in touch with your favorite plant and lower your tolerance at the same time, then here are six simple yet effective ways to do it.

1. Mixed up Methods

If you have a regular practice of consumption, then mixing up a few new techniques can help lower your tolerance. The amount of Cannabis needed to get high in the case of each technique is different. Hence mixing up will help you save up a little on your product as well as get high quickly. Also, the interaction of THC with your body varies based on the method of consumption. Introducing a little of everything can be a fun experiment to know which of these methods can get you high faster. And in the experiment, you might also end up finding a rather easy way of taking Cannabis. 

If you enjoy a joint regularly, then don’t mind including a few bong hits, or a nice warm piece of hash brownie with ice cream to cherish an amazing high. Mixing up some methods can be a fun experiment to try out the various ways of consuming cannabis.

2. Catch up with CBD.

CBD and THC are the two critical cannabinoid constituents of Cannabis. Most of the health benefits and effects associated with cannabis are a result of these two substances. While THC has psychoactive properties, CBD is a non-psychoactive ingredient with amazing health benefits. So if you would like to lower your tolerance without having to take a break, then working with CBD can be an effective way to do this. CBD is a strong alternative to medical marijuana users, who can benefit from enjoying the non-psychoactive benefits of this ingredient. CBD oils, creams, tinctures can be utilized to achieve pain relief, relaxation, for treating depression and anxiety. For recreational users, you can switch to CBD dominant strains for regular usage and check out CBD isolate vs full-spectrum products. This step will help your body relax its tolerance levels of THC, and eventually, you can switch back to your regular strains.

3. Stick to smaller doses: Cutting down the amount of substance you smoke every time can help lower your tolerance. If you are a regular marijuana user, then cutting down the amount of substance you use for each session can be an effective way of lowering your tolerance. This step is rather easy to abide by as compared to cutting down the number of times you smoke cannabis. With time your body will accommodate the small doses effectively, and eventually, lower your overall tolerance to the substance. Take this as the first step before you reduce the number of times you smoke in a day. Try cutting down the number in small steps to ensure you do not suffer from withdrawal symptoms.

Apart from leading you to a healthy lifestyle, these exercises could be your way of lowering THC tolerance naturally.

4. Sweat it out

A 30-minute exercise session every day is recommended to stay healthy and fit. These exercises should include a mixture of workouts for your legs, chest, arms, stomach to ensure all the muscles are active. Apart from leading you to a healthy lifestyle, these exercises could be your way of lowering THC tolerance naturally. Gearing up for a session before you consume cannabis can help reduce the tolerance significantly. THC attaches to the fat cells in your body, and an intense workout session will get rid of some of the stored molecules. Also, the rush in your body immediately after the workout is a catalyst to THC, and hence you will feel high much faster. Sweating it out can give you great benefits concerning lower THC tolerance.

5. Watch what you drink and eat.

Healthy eating habits help eliminate toxins from the body, which is a natural way of enhancing tolerance to Cannabis. Antioxidants are among the most essential substances that can eliminate unwanted stuff from within your body. Including vegetables, fruits, especially in green and red color in your meals every day, can give you the necessary dose of antioxidants daily. Similar to antioxidants keeping your body well hydrated helps to retain the effect of your stash longer. Consuming at least 8 glasses of water throughout the day at regular intervals is important to keep all your cells hydrated. Hydration helps alleviate the effects of THC on your body

6. Switch your timing: The effect of THC on your body also depends on the time when you consume. For example, if you enjoy a nice drag immediately after you wake up, then chances are that you have a high tolerance to cannabis. The reason is you are introducing cannabinoids to your body first thing in the morning when your system is usually clean. This effect causes a strong and sensational high. Instead, try consuming after your meals for a change. In this case, your system is already diverting much energy towards digestion. You will see significant changes in your tolerance levels over the period after you have changed this habit.

Try using advanced types of equipment such as vaporizers with cartridges as an alternative to consuming cannabis regularly. Technology has enabled various changes in the vaporizers to ensure you enjoy a deep high even with less substance, thus increasing efficiency. You can also find enail kits for dabs for an intense experience. This way, you will have to spend less on your cannabis stash without having to compromise on the high.


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