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We understand the disruption and anxiety that COVID-19 has brought into our patients’ lives and are acutely aware that our patients turn to The Mint Dispensary to find relief from a variety of life-altering conditions, including cancer, Alzheimer’s and epilepsy. 

We remain steadfastly committed to offering the highest-quality products for our patients while also ensuring the safest-possible experiences for our employees, patients and caregivers.  

Following are some questions we have been fielding about our operational response to COVID-19, along with our responses. As the situation continues to evolve, we will continue to implement and refine our business operations to ensure the ongoing health and wellness of our community. If you have any additional questions, we invite you to email us at info@TheMintDispensary.com.

Right now, we are averaging a 15 minute or less wait for patients to see a budtender for the medicine they need. 

In-dispensary transactions reduce wait times, better manage traffic flow, and ensure our patients have the opportunity to discuss any specific needs in person with a budtender before ordering. To create the best- and safest-possible experience for all patients, especially those who are most in need due to the severity of their conditions, we are serving only walk-in transactions for the time being. 

The line has been moved to outside of the dispensary; there is no line inside. Social distancing guidelines suggest limiting the number of individuals in enclosed spaces. We are only allowing as many patients into the dispensary as we have registers open. This will allow us to better service our patients, limit close contact and hopefully, lead to speedier transactions. 

Outside of the dispensary, we have seating placed six feet apart and are distributing bottled water to ease the inconvenience. Our patients are also invited to enjoy free Wi-Fi.

As a community, it is in our collective best interest to help those who are 60+ and those who are immune-compromised to avoid prolonged public exposure while the coronavirus is active in Arizona. 

We have created a special line for these patients, allowing them to get their medicine quickly.

Yes. Out of an abundance of caution, we made the decision to temporarily close The Mint Café. We will be sure to inform patients when the kitchen reopens. 

We do not have any plans to close our dispensary. Because our operational procedures are similar to pharmacies, we are required to stay open and operational. Not to mention, we want to continue to be sure that we can meet the demand from patients so they can get the medicine they need.

Yes, we do have several open positions at our dispensaries to fill. Visit indeed.com for more information. 

We have created daily deals on the products we sell so that patients may take advantage and can stock up on their medicine.

There are no statewide shortages of medicine, although in some cases the inventory of certain products at the dispensary might be temporarily low before dispensaries can restock. Cannabis production and manufacturing are widely dispersed throughout Arizona and no widespread disruptions have been reported in the supply chain.

We are closely monitoring the supply chain for any shortages in collaboration with the industry and the state. We are in regular contact with product manufacturers and suppliers.

Our health and safety protocols exceed current guidelines, yet we have mobilized additional resources to ensure that employees, patients and caregivers have the best possible experience at our dispensaries. 

You’ll likely notice that we have put additional operational procedures in place beyond our already-robust cleaning and disinfecting practices. Among them:

  • Increasing the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting all counters, surfaces, touchscreens, door handles, glass, equipment and restroom multiple times a day. 
  • Implementing enhanced guidelines on employee hand washing; while not mandated, we are also ensuring all budtenders wear gloves and change them frequently. 
  • Limiting the number of non-essential staff in the dispensary to create distance and minimize contact. 
  • Designating hand sanitizing stations throughout the dispensary for both patients and staff.
  • Posting reminders to patients and staff about good hygiene practices, including hand-washing procedures. 
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